Saturday, 30 October 2010

Magazines galore!

I love a good magazine: Cosmo, Glamour, Look, all of them! I'm a lot better than I used to be (I used to buy like 10 a month. But I've learnt to calm down my obsession :P).

What's not to love about them it's all about life, relationships, work, sex and best of all fashion!

Today I'm flicking through November's issue of Elle (Alexa Chung is on the front cover). It has the usual articles and lifestyle pages but I flick straight to the fashion pages.

I'm still seeing a lot of chunky knits this A/W. Which I love because it is a wardrobe staple that I personally believe never goes out of fashion.

Next up is the it colour of the season This colour is every where this A/W especially in Jackets and coats. If you want to be bang on trend 'camel' is the colour for you.

Next up is leather.... Whenever I think of leather images of motorbikes, rockers and biker chicks come to mind but this season it has become a lot more feminine and definitely the kind if look I can get on board with!

Finally a little shoe action from Kurt Geiger. KG has to be my fav high street shoes store (hands down). From boots to heels they have everything a girl could want and need. So here are a few fancies...

That's it from Elle magazine. If your a magazine lover like me I hope that has been your little treat for the day :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

The House Party Is Back!

This weekend I planned to go to a friend's house party, but I haven't got a clue on what to wear!

So I have been looking at a few different house party looks...

Should I go the Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas route in the "I got a feeling" video?

Lol meaning, underwear as outer wear?? Throw in a feather bower and I'm ready to go! Hmm somehow I don't think this look is me...unless I was going fancy dress :). I was never a big fan of this trend and never dabbled in it when it was on the high street.

That is when i stumbled upon the 'old skool' house party look... still not the direction I want to go in but fun to look at.

I found the Adidas Originals 'House Party' campaign that they did a little while a go. I'm loving the 80's vibe and old school tracksuits. I might have to invest in one myself ;)

Adidas always do brilliant campaigns that market their brand and clothing very well, making you want to run and buy the items straight away, even if they are not your usual look. 
The way these campaigns are shot,  seem like real life situations but throwing celebrities into the mix, is a clever way of making your clothing desirable to the audience. 

So even though these two looks have not helped me decided on an outfit for Saturday night. I still thought i would share it with you and fingers crossed my house party will be half as exciting as the ones in the " I got a feeling video" and the Adidas Campaign ;).

Celebs I love....

So the word of today is style...

I would like to think that my style is all my own and I don't try to steal anyone else's style. But if you like someone you have to admit you are inspired by them in some way.

Because they are fab....


Sometimes I question Rihanna's style. I love her but she does border on 'naked-ness' quite a lot. But the more I see her, the more I love her. She is quirky and has her own individual style which sways between feminine and sexy to rock chic and edgy......

Now my love for Victoria Beckham started from an early age, she was always my fav Spice Girl.(yes I'm not afraid to say it...I AM A SPICE GIRL FAN). But as time went on she lost those wayward platforms and became a fashion icon. The way she dresses is simple, elegant and very lady like.

Next up is Zoe Saldana, loved her in Avatar (she was hott even as a blue alien), but I also love the way she dresses. Hey style suits her slim figure down to a T, by making sure she always shows off her best assets (her legs) whilst still looking right on trend.  From seeing her in magazines she likes to keep her colours neutral with the odd splash of colour here and there. Her style is cutesie, glam which is the the way I would describe my sense of style too.

Finally Eva Longoria. Eva, I would say is a cameleon, I don't think I could put her in one style box because she mixes it and sometimes does not always get it right. But what I love about her, is the fact that she dresses to her shape and size very well (us petite girls have to stick together) and she pulls off every look with out looking too short, even in those floor length dresses!

So there you have it! Those are the celebrities that I am loving at the moment and remember....

"Fashion fade, style is eternal" YSL

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Back to Black and no I don’t mean the Winehouse song!

As I was on my way to work this morning, I was indulging in my favourite past time of people watching (innocently of course), and as I looked round all I could see was black. Lots and lots of black! Winter is dull, I get that ,but must we be dull too?? I don't think so.
I NEED a bit more colour in my life. Don't get me wrong I do it too, at the moment my wardrobe consists of three colours: black grey and chocolate brown. We are all in desperate need of some colour in our lives (and maybe a shopping trip ;) ).

So I have been going through some of the high street websites to see if I could find some colourful "everyday chic" items to update our dark wardrobes. It has been hard, but here are a few...enjoy!


Accessorize: Belle Regular striped capped gloves, which also come with the matching scarf and ear muffs set (for the child in you, I already own these gloves ;) ).

Accessorize: Bow trim red Cloche (So cute, even if you are not a hat person this is a must have!)

Finally, because it is too cute and we live in the lovely (wet) England: Accessorize Floral Paisley Striped Umbrella.


Asos pleated long sleeve dress (Pair these with a pair of opaque tights and this outfit would be perfect for any occasion)


Miss Selfridge Red Victoriana Polo top

Multicoloured Print Jersey Mini Skirt

Hopefully just by seeing these items brightens up this winter day....even if you don't actually go shopping :)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I think I want these in my life!

I have been indulging in a bit of (online) window shopping and I stumbled upon these bad boys from River Island (black double bow peep toe shoes):

I think I need them in my life...not want, NEED!

If you can't tell.... I love shoes. The higher the better. Throw a bow on them and I practically faint! Ok that last bit isn't exactly true but sometimes a little over exaggeration is needed :P

Whilst I'm here I thought I would show you some of the other gems I saw on the website....

Gold look rhinestone frog ring. I'm not the biggest gold jewellery fan but this ring is hott! It could go very nicely on an outfit for a night out.

Finally I saw these :O... I definitely need these in my life. Now before I show these, you must understand that when this sheepskin trend started I was dead against it. BUT I have seen a few fashion staples that could go the distance (I'm a big fashion lover but I don't believe in buying something just because it is a big trend at the moment... I believe fashion should last a bit longer than one season).

So here they are River Island black heeled hiking boots:

I think that is enough online shopping for me today....well till tomorrow :)

What I am wearing today!

Ok! So winter is officially here guys and on paper, I hate winter BUT between me and you... I secretly LOVE IT!

Do you want to know why??? It is because the fashion is soooo much better. From the accessories to the foot wear, from the coats to the ear muffs. I love everything about it :) Don't get me wrong, I am a true summer baby. Any excuse to run out side in my sunnies and flip flops, I'm the first one to do it. But I feel S/S fashion lacks the same imagination you need for the winter. In the winter you have to be more creative because more layers are being worn!

Anyhoo after all that... I'm not feeling very creative today :(. It's dark and gloomy outside and its annoyingly wet (sigh).

I am wearing my ASOS (old season A/W) black and gold suede slouch boots, black opaque tights, 7 for all mankind denim mini skirt, a brown H&M V neck jumper, a purple (always have a touch of purple ;) ) scarf, a tan satchel bag, and a grey thick knit jumper/jacket.....wooo sounds like a lot.

This is my typical week day wear.... casual and warm. Nothing fancy, nothing creative (again...sigh).

What all the above says to me is that, I NEED to go shopping and first on my list is....drum roll please....

Topshop Bound Seam Duffle Cape (picture to the right). Isn't it beautiful?
Capes are very big this season and you can see them dotted all over the high street. Let me not lie, they are far from practical, because we all know as soon as the snow come your arms will be freezing. But for a coat that nice ill take the frost bite :).