Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Snow...Oh Please Go Away!

So the snow has finally begun and it even began to snow before it hit December....Great! I am not a big fan of the snow. No matter what you wear, you never feel warm. Even when it comes to the shoes, your feet still feel freezing. But I have one saviour when it comes to the snow and that is my lovely pair of Ugg's.

You can't go wrong with Uggs in all their sheep skin glory, they keep your feet nice and warm! The only downfall I can think of is, if you live some where that gets a lot of snow then these are  not the best foot wear for you, as the snow will just seep in (better yet if you get that much snow...just stay indoors lol).

So I was having a look on the Ugg's website, to see what they have new, when I saw that Ugg have collaborated with Jimmy Choo! This is very exciting news and even more exciting when you actually see the boots....

"Jimmy Choo is pleased to reveal it’s exclusive limited edition collaboration ‘UGG® & Jimmy Choo’.

A capsule collection based on the iconic UGG Australia sheepskin boot construction with design details that embody the spirit of the

Jimmy Choo brand."

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Kaia Boots

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Mandah Boots

Jimmy Choo for Ugg Sora Fringed Boots

Last but not least my favs Jimmy Choo for Ugg Starlit Boots

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