Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Warmth At Your Fingertips...

How are you keeping you hands warm this winter? Or are you the brave type who doesn't wear any gloves at all. Well you are a braver person than me....

The first accessory I buy every winter are gloves..yes I say every winter because I always lose them for some strange reason. But hey ho, at least I can always be on trend every A/W season :).

So what type are you? Are you a mittens kind of girl like me? A finger less gloves kind of person? Leather? Woolly? Bright? Standard black? Well what ever type you are, there is lots of choice out there and here are a few of my favs:

Asos Large Pom Pom Mittens (so cute), Asos Leather Cut Away Fingerless Flat Studded Gloves.

Asos Leather Quilted Gloves, French Connection Knitted Mittens.

 Miss Selfridge Animal Fur Mittens, River Island Red Gem and Bow Snake Gloves.

Topshop Charcoal Lace Embellished Knitted Gloves.

 Topshop Chunky String Mittens, Asos Leather Bow Gloves.

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