Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What I Am Wearing... Tuesday

Today I will do my what I am wearing blog as I am going out for dinner later so I did make a little bit of an effort. :)

So I am wearing my fave black winter jacket with the bow belt, my cream Max C bag which i have already featured, a black (longish) top, my (beautiful) black and gold slouch boots and finally my dark purple wet look leggings.

Now normally, I used to find wearing my wet look leggings in the day a bit strange, so this is the first time I am wearing them. But the funny thing is I never used to choose them as part of my outfits to wear out in the night.

So my question is... are wet look legging JUST leggings ?

My answer is yes :) and i believe you can wear them anytime... so I have decided I would feature leggings today and see what is around. They may be seen as an old trend but I still find leggings to be one of the best fashion items around!

Asos Embellishes Leggings, Asos Premium Weave Mesh Leggings.

Boohoo Bijou Sequined Leggings, Miss Selfridge Black Flocked Leggings,

River Island Black Treggings, River Island Black Wet Look Leggings

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