Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Miss H Loves:Bershka's Online Store

Finally one of my favourite high street stores has started selling their collection online. Yes that's right Bershka is now online baby and I am very excited. I have spent my whole morning browsing the website at my leisure and is it me or has their collection gotten even better? (If that is possible???).

So I have decided to show you my favourite pieces from their 'dressy collection'. I want to buy nearly every item, especially the shoes but I will try to restrain myself lol. Enjoy!

Combined Heeled Pumps, Fringed Tshirt.

Leather Sport Ankle Boots, Leather Wedges in Tan (I am in love with these!! A friend of mine tried them on when we were in Spain and they look amazing!).

Lined Dress.

Open Back Dress

Sequin Detail Tshirt. 

Sheer Black Dress.

Skulls Shorts, Strappy Lined Dress. 

 Studded Leather Jacket, Studded Skirt.

 Tshirt Oversize Back.

Tulle Dress

Wave Fabric Dress (I love this dress too, I tried it on when I was in Spain and it is pretty hot!).

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