Monday, 5 March 2012

Sorry it's been a while...but I'm back! With an obsession for Coloured Jeans!

Hola fashionista! I am very sorry for going missing over the last week and a half. I was a little bit sick (I am a sickly fashion blogger :( )and then I jetted off to sunny sunny Spain (which was awesome and just what the doctor ordered)! But I am back now and I am back to my fashion obsessed ways.

Soooo as you may or may not know I have posted about coloured jeans before, so this is not a new trend. However, it seems as though coloured jeans are here to stay for S/S 2012. I did not get the chance to invest last summer, so I have made sure that I have at lease one pair this year!

Coloured and pastel jeans are every where on the high street, my favourites can be found from H&M, Zara, Bershka and Asos. So far I have invested in a green pair from H&M and I can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer/sunnier for me to wear them!! :)

Here are some of the cool colours that I have come across....Enjoy!

Asos Cornflower Blue Candy Skinny Jeans, Asos Skinny Jeans in Washed Rose.

Asos Yellow Skinny Jeans, Bershka Colour Jeans in Pink.

Miss Selfridge Lavender Ultra Soft Skinny Jeans, Miss Selfridge Lemon Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans. 

 Miss Selfridge Regular Apple Super Skinny Jeans, Zara Jacquard Loom Trousers/Jeans.

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