Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This Season's 'IT' Flats!

Today I am going to bring you what I think are this season's 'IT' flats. I have stored away my boots for the year and I am ready to get my feet out. Whoop Whoop!

So that means I need to invest in some flat shoes...Loafers, slipper pumps, ballets are the first shoes of choice for this S/S and here are a few that have caught my eye.


Asos Leo Crest Slipper Shoes, Asos Leo Velvet Slipper Shoes.
Asos Lite Tassel Slipper Pump, Asos Loveboat Boat Shoes with Heart Detail. 

Miss Selfridge Entwine Yellow Leather Flats, River Island Canvas Chain Loafers.
 Miss Selfridge Duke Black Stud Slipper.


Rebekah Wing. said...

amazing pair of flats :) love them. especially the loafers and the pastel coloured one's :) just perfect for this season!
in btw i have to say that your blog is great and i started to follow you, dear!
maybe you'll have a look on my blog too :))


Miss H said...

Hi Rebekah! Thanks you blog is great too :) I have started following you too :)

Miss H xxx