Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Love of Lipstick

I love lipstick! I admit it, I am obsessed....
This is coming from a girl that never wears much make up. So this is a big deal!

As I get older my love of beauty has grown with my love of fashion. Not as much I might add... but it has still grown. 

As a teenage girl, I never went through the phase of experimenting with make up, wearing lots of it or sneaking it on at school. I was never that interested and I always thought it was time consuming and boring lol. But as I entered my 20's and the later half of my 20's I have started to wear make up a bit more....

I started off with baby steps, a little mascara, a little eyeliner on the lower lid and some lip gloss. Then I became a bit bolder and started to wear coloured lip gloss (gasps!!). This is where the obsession began. Slowly but surely I was starting to buy any colour I could lay my hands on, wearing them on a daily basis, to work etc. 

Then I thought....why not take it up a notch. Why not buy lipstick? 
However my personality never allows me to do things in half and of course I did not buy something as simple as a nude gate way colour.... I went in full force and bought a bright deep shocking red.

I was in love!

The first time I wore it (to a family do) I felt nervous and shy. I felt like everyone was watching me thinking "where is she going with the red red lipstick?". But the moment was complete and  history was made and  dare I say obsession a part of me.

Now don't get me wrong, I have not done a complete 180 and started wearing lots of make up. I just don't think it suits me. But if I am out on a night out, my staple look is mascara, eyeliner and my beloved lipstick. But now I see the difference. I no longer see myself as dressed up if I do not have a bold colour on my lips and I love it.....

So there you have it..... :).

*Outfit in top picture*
Miss Selfridge White Sheer and Lace Top
Primark leather look legging (Can't be seen in picture)
Forever 21 Earrings
New Look Black Glittery Clutch Bag
and of course..... Red Lipstick ;)