Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cake, cake, cake, cake.....

No no.... Not the Rihanna song ;). Actual cake!!

I am a BIG cake lover, always have been always will be. I actually think that my blood is lined with icing. (Thank god I remain slim.... for now)

My fav has to the more traditional homemade chocolate cake (don't forget the homemade chocolate custard on the side). But if I want something a bit more exciting then I would have to choose Red Velvet.  

I love it. There is not one occasion that goes by, where cake is not needed!!! 

My addiction is fueled by the fact that everyone around me loves cakes just as much as I do. I am truly bless to say that my Mum is an awesome cake baker but so is my best friend.

Today my post is dedicated to my bestie and her amazing cake baking business.... Flour Dust.

Incredible cakes and bakes for any occasion.

If you are based in the London area and have an event coming up then she is the person for you.

Contact info:
07949 294961

.....and if you don't believe how incredible her cakes are....please see the pictures below. I dare you not to want a slice of cake after seeing these. :)