Sunday, 27 July 2014

Park Days.....& Forgotten Photos

I love summer! It is my favourite time of year...always has been.

The warmth of the sun on my skin, going outside just for the hell of it, park days and let's not forget....summer clothes ;).

Yesterday (Saturday) I decided to not let the day pass me by, even though I had no real plans. So I packed my bag with snacks, juice, water, a picnic blanket, my Fujifilm Finepix Bridge Camera and made my way to the local park...solo.

I wanted some 'me, myself and I' chill out time, so I thought why not bring my camera, just in case?

I love photos and photography. I wouldn't go as far as to say I am an amateur photographer but I do love everything that goes along with it. Photos hold memories for me and I love that a single moment in your life can be captured in a photograph. So I always try to capture the moment.

Unfortunately I haven't been using my bridge camera that much lately (I blame mobile phone technology ;))... this has to change! So whilst I was in the park yesterday I took a few snaps, nothing major... just capturing the moment I was in... 'then and now'. Afterwards I started to flick through the pictures, that were still on my memory forgotten photos. Trips to the museum, Cornwall, My Dad's 60th birthday.... all good memories.

So I thought I would share some of these with you and share the moment...

Park Life

(Black Sandals ~ ASOS,
Sunglasses ~ Ray Bans,
Picnic Blanket ~ Primark)

 Forgotten Photos

(Natural History Museum,

Saturday, 12 July 2014

This or That..... Steak & Lobster

As mentioned previously, I am always on the hunt for new dining experience.

So recently I visited a new restaurant with a few of my gal pals after work.

Steak & Lobster on Warren Street.

Now talk about keeping a name simple and that is exactly what you get from Steak & Lobster. To say the least it is not a complicated menu and both the options are delicious... their tag line is even "This or That".

I went for the 10oz rib eye steak, cooked medium rare (just the way I like) it and it came with garlic and chive butter, with unlimited fries. Both the meals cost a total of £20, which may sound a little bit expensive, but with the unlimited fries and salad, I think this price is worth it.

The steak was delicious (although a little fatty, however this is normal for rib eye) and the fries are to die for.... I had two helping *hides face in shame*.

The restaurant had a great environment and the staff were very friendly and helpful.

I would give Steak & Lobster a big 8/10 and would def recommend it!!

Snapshot Style : Wireless Festival and Dinner

It's been a while since I did a snap shot style... so here is two! :).

Last week was a very busy week for me. 

First up I had a good friend's birthday... swanky dinner and drinks at the The Anthologist Bar in EC London.

Smart casual was the look I was going for as I didn't want to be too over dressed for a Friday drink up.

Primark Dress
Primark Chunky Necklace
Sandals ~ (Not seen) New Look Gold Chain Gladiator Sandals
Jacket (Just seen) ~ H&M

Next up... who doesn't love festival chic? 

Also last weekend I got to celebrate my last birthday gift, which was tickets to Wireless festival with my big sister. I loved it and had so much fun!

Now as usual the weather in London was unpredictable... was it going to be cold, raining, sunny or warm? Who knew! And on the day we experienced a variety of weather.

So I had to cater to all the elements:

Hat ~ Topshop
Top ~ Miss Selfridge
Shorts ~ H&M
Socks ~ Primark
Wellies ~ Hunters
Raincoat (Just Seen) ~ Asos
Bag ~ Yildiz & I

So guys.... What do you think? Did I do a good job?